How to Use HTTP Injector for Android and Import .EHI Config File for Globe, TM, Smart, TNT and Sun - Free Internet

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How to Use HTTP Injector for Android and Import .EHI Config File for Globe, TM, Smart, TNT and Sun - Free Internet

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:44 pm

* Android device (smartphone or tablet, rooted or
non-rooted) with Sim Slot
* Globe, TM, Smart, TNT or Sun Sim
* HTTP Injector - download HTTP Injector
in Google Play Store or HTTP Injector APK

1. [Optional : Skip this step if you already know
this] Set up your APN according to your network.
Go to - Settings > Network/Mobile Networks >
Access Point Names > New APN
For Globe / TM
[Name : Any name (recommended : Globe Default)
APN : (if is
not working, try
For Smart / TNT
Name : Any name (recommended : Smart Prepaid)
APN : internet
For Sun Cellular
Name : Any name (recommended : Sun Prepaid)
APN : wap
2. Open HTTP Injector app.
3. Turn on your Mobile data internet. You must see
3G/4G/H+/LTE in your signal status icon.
4. On the upper right of HTTP Injector Home tab,
tap the file icon and choose 'Import Config'. You
can use this list of EHI Configs which are
commonly congested resulting to lesser chance
rate to connect successfully or Create your own EHI
Config which is your own config, no congestion
which results to higher chance rate to connect

Browse and select the .ehi file on your phone to
5. Check Google DNS.
6. Tap 'Start' to run the config on HTTP Injector.
Wait for the 'connected' notification. (You can view
the status on Log tab)
Done! Enjoy free and unlimited internet access.
Tip for advance HTTP Injector users:
The advantage of creating your own EHI is you can
have faster internet speed because you only have
the access to your created account. Using the
Payload Generator option of HTTP Injector, you can
input details needed like URL/Host, request and
injection method, front and back query, online host
and other fields before you tap the 'Generate'
You can save or share your working configuration
file using the export option. And to secure and
prevent it from revisions or editing, you can 'lock' it.


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